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I have limited interaction with Blue Sky, I was tested to be a donor to a family member and Blue Sky diagnosed me with POF so I was not a candidate. As shocking and emotional as that was,

I have to say Blue Sky was fantastic with the news, and giving me advice on what is now my journey to preserve chances for a family.

I've now educated myself and the reviews of many fertility clinics include price gouging, misleading people, hidden costs, poor communication, and unnecessary expensive testing. I don't feel like Blue Sky has been anything like that. They have so far been very transparent with costs, tests, and possibilities. Communication has been prompt, appointments quick and as long as they need to be. I felt respect and no rushing, honesty and clarity. I can't state enough how much faith I have that Blue Sky is the right place.

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"My fiancée and I have worked with Dr. Riggs for nearly 2 years now. He's an amazing doctor and I couldn't imagine going through this process with anyone else. This has been such an exciting 2 years, with some emotional times. We're so thankful for everything Dr. Riggs did for us. Making this hard fertility process very easy. There wasn't a question I could ask that he didn't have an answer to.

His knowledge and supporting personality he's given us since starting this process has been flawless.

We're very thankful for him and what he's given our growing family. He'll always be apart of our lives. If we decide to move forward with another cycle we definitely will be traveling to Kansas City to see Dr. Riggs. We highly recommend him, he is great!"

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“We saw Dr. Riggs while he was still in the Kansas City area and we couldn't be happier with the care we got from him. We were so sad to see him leave to head to Colorado, but our loss is Conceptions gain. Dr. Riggs always treated us with the utmost respect, and we always felt like we were talking to a family member. We always felt empowered to make the decisions regarding building our family. We currently have our miracle little boy, who is almost 1.5 now. We are forever grateful for Dr. Riggs and just wish he was back in KC as we head into the journey for Baby D #2.”

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"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Conceptions. Dr. Riggs, Jessica Rico, and the staff there are amazing …From our first consult with Dr. Riggs, we were both very impressed with his compassion and knowledge. He seems to understand very well how difficult it is to experience infertility and have little to no control over such a life-altering experience.

Dr. Riggs treated us as peers and informed decision makers throughout consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. He set very clear expectations and explained the reasoning behind his recommendations for every decision we made together, from tests to more in-depth procedures.

He helped us navigate a process that combines both science and art in a seamless and compassionate way - it was always obvious that he truly cared about us and had our best interests, rather than a business bottom line, at heart. It was clear from the beginning of our interactions with them that Conceptions stays up to date on the latest research and best practices in infertility treatment, especially when I compared my experience to that of friends in other states who also experienced infertility treatment. I continue to recommend Conceptions to local friends, as well as those in other states. We completed 2 IUIs, a couple of surgical procedures, and one (successful!) IVF cycle with Dr Riggs and Conceptions. Jessica was our nurse through the diagnosis and IUIs; she went above and beyond to support us, even checking in on her days off. She also stayed close with us as we went through the IVF process and to this day we stay in touch. "Graduating" from Conceptions to our regular OB was bittersweet; Conceptions had become part of our family, yet we were ready to begin a new family with the baby Conceptions helped us conceive! When we are ready to expand our family again, my husband and I will go back to Conceptions without hesitation. There is no one else we would trust with one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys of our lives!"

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“Dr. Riggs & the staff at Conceptions are very knowledgeable & helpful. Dr Riggs is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable when discussing all your options. I would recommend him to any of my family & friends looking for an infertility specialist.”

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“Dr. Riggs and the entire staff were top notch. I have said on a few occasions that my wife and I received VIP treatment. He valued and respected our time, and was thorough in explaining each step of the IVF process. I felt that we were closely monitored from retrieval through the embryo transfer, and made sure that we were an active participant in each decision along the way. It is with high regard that I recommend Dr. Riggs and Conceptions staff for fertility challenges.”

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“The best thing Dr. Riggs said to us on our first visit was, "If you want a baby, I'll give you a baby." We are currently 4 months along and only went through one IVF cycle. Dr Riggs is extremely knowledgeable with infertility and I believe does everything possible to make sure you get what you ultimately want....a child. I never felt like they were there just to make money off of us. We highly recommend Dr. Riggs!!!”

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“I have been recommending Dr. Riggs since I met him in May. In the scary world of infertility, he seems to ease the stresses of trying to conceive to with his knowledge, caring attitude, warm smile and proper treatment plans. His nurse, Michelle, has been our rock through our IVF cycle and has gone above and beyond to make sure everything was flawless. The girls in the office are so sweet and caring and understand your needs while going through during a tough time. These people have touched our lives forever and our family will always be grateful to Dr. Riggs and his staff.”

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I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Riggs and the staff at RRC in Kansas City. Dr. Riggs is kind, understanding and knowledgable, and I trusted him completely throughout my infertility journey. It took some time to figure out the best course of action for me (which is par for the course with infertility...treatments can differ so much from person to person) and it does take some trial and error especially with IVF meds because you never know how each person will respond. But through it all, I always felt in good hands with Dr. Riggs. He explained everything thoroughly and I felt very informed about the decisions I was making. Dr. Riggs gave my husband and me our son, and we will be forever grateful!

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“Dr. Riggs is awesome! He helped us achieve our dreams of being parents. We had twin girls in Jan 2013. He was patient, kind, and easy to talk to. I will be using RRC again but sadly Dr. Riggs has moved to another clinic in CO. We will miss him greatly!”

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“My husband and I transferred to Dr. Riggs after a bad experience with another doctor, and we couldn't be happier! He is a very skilled doctor with the bonuses that he is polite, timely, and honestly cares about his patients. He remembered things about us that we talked about (unrelated to baby) from our first appointment! We did both an IVF (success with miscarriage) and a Frozen Embryo Transfer (success!) with him. I would recommend him to anyone! The staff is also really great. This is a tough road to have to go down, so you want a doctor who is in your corner to help you through, and Dr. Riggs is just that doctor.”

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“I don't have their names, but they are all amazing, kind, professional yet human. I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart for helping me through what has been such a hard process”

I would like to start by saying that I have been to another fertility specialist in the KC Metropolitan area and did not have any confidence in them, so I started shopping for a new Doctor. I have never, I repeat ever, had a male doctor in my lifetime. I was even delivered by a woman. It's always been a preference of mine. However, after my experience at this other place and after reading about Dr. Riggs and his success rates I thought I would give it a try. Here is what I have experienced:

Misha, the woman who runs the show from the front desk will take your calls so fast and get your life figured out for you if you need her to. She is efficient, calm, kind, and has a really spectacular wit about her that i find refreshing. And that is just over the phone. When you go in to the clinic you're feeling so many things ranging from nervous to excited and she welcomes you so warmly you will feel at ease. (I just hope I spelled her name right.)

Ashley takes care of billing. I'm telling you right now, this girl will be your soldier. She will battle your insurance company and make sure things get processed correctly. And in that awful circumstance that your insurance company starts acting shifty she will go at them again and again until they get it right for you. She has an amazing energy and a friendly disposition. To all of you who are not fortunate enough to have insurance that will cover at least some of this burden for you, talk with her. She will be honest with billing and help you decide what's right for you.

Jennifer is honestly one of the sweetest medical professionals I have ever been honored to have ultrasound me and inseminate me (for real though she's so great). She finds cute little ways to make things less awkward if you need her to and she tells great anecdotes and will make sure you're comfortable and know everything that's about to go down. She makes sure you're not in pain and is willing to listen and talk with you if you need to ask questions.

Dr Riggs, the first man I have ever accepted as my doctor. What a kind and warm professional. He sat down and consulted with my husband and I not once, but twice. There's this stereotype of the busy doctor who is too good to bother with their patients. He is not that guy. He will take as long as you need to make sure you are informed and feel in control. I've rarely liked a doctor as I like Dr. Riggs. He makes everything so easy and normal and takes the awkward right out of it. His jokes are actually pretty funny too.

There are so many more staff that I've met at Blue Sky Fertility that I don't have the names for but they are all amazing, kind, professional yet human. I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart for helping me through what has been such a hard process in my life.

For the record, this is coming from a woman who is not pregnant yet, so please take this rave review even more seriously. I'm not a deliriously happy success case, but I will be. I just know it.

Buy these people cookies by the way, they deserve so much more.”


Dr. Riggs and his staff were amazing ! Infertility is a difficult and emotional journey, at Blue Sky they treat you as a person, and not another number. His medical knowledge and ability is also top notch, I never doubted him and his team throughout the process and it definitely paid off!

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