Having Trouble Conceiving? You Are Not Alone. 

You are definitely not alone… One in six couples experience difficulties conceiving a child. However with the advances in assisted reproductive medicine many couples have an increased chance of conception. Blue Sky Fertility’s approach is to provide you the least invasive, most cost-effective treatment option that optimizes you chances for a successful pregnancy.

A naturally conceived pregnancy requires: an egg and ovulation, normal healthy sperm, functional and patent (open) fallopian tubes and a receptive uterus. Not surprisingly, the main reasons a couple have difficulty conceiving are concerned with these 4 issues.

Why are we having trouble conceiving?

Research has identified many causes for infertility that involve both the male or the female or a combination of multiple factors. Although not an exhaustive list, infertility can be caused by impaired production or poor quality sperm and/or eggs, abnormal structure or function of male and female reproductive systems, and/or hormonal and immune conditions in both men and women. Both female age and sperm quality are identified as key issues affecting success rates. In 10-20% of couples no cause will be found, this is called Unexplained Infertility, which can be particularly frustrating for those concerned.

Blue Sky Fertility offers a range of treatments to address the above issues. Dr. Riggs and the staff at Blue Sky Fertility will provide you an accurate diagnosis, and help you understand all your options.

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