Making Fertility Affordable

You can't put a value on becoming a parent. But when considering fertility choices, patients must still consider the potential costs of treatment.

Just as each couple’s infertility treatment plan is unique, so are the costs associated with their treatment plan. Every patient / couple’s fertility needs are different, and require individualized techniques, therapy, procedures and medications. We understand that cost is an important consideration in deciding to move forward with treatment. Once your personalized treatment plan has been determined, our staff will estimate cost information for your treatment plan.

Blue Sky believes in open communication and giving you the most detailed Information possible. We are here to provide guidance and support to you with all aspects of your journey.

Feel free to share any financial concerns that you have right from the beginning. During your initial consultation we can review prices and financing options to ensure that you are able to achieve your dream of building your family in the most affordable way possible.


Affordable Fertility

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