Understanding the Cost of IVF 

Every patient or couple is unique, and successful IVF treatment can take more than one cycle, so the cost of a successful fertility treatment is different in every case. If asked, most clinics will quote you a price. However, it is very important not to confuse the ‘sticker price’ of a single course of IVF with the actual cost, for two reasons: 

One, the cost of one course of IVF is often not transparent. Too often, the quoted price of IVF seems reasonable—but as the weeks pass, additions and extras start to add up. At Blue sky Fertility, we do things differently. We offer transparent and all-inclusive pricing. Secondly, the success rates and quality of treatment vary from clinic to clinic. If the first course of IVF is unsuccessful, it’s likely you will want to try again. In the long run, better-quality IVF treatment can save you money, if it reduces the number of IVF cycles you need to go through. A single successful cycle is more cost-effective than two cheap but failed courses of treatment.

We want success for you as early as possible. Blue Sky Fertility has a track record of better-quality IVF. Our success rates are significantly higher than the average fertility clinic. 


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