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“Dr. Riggs and the entire staff were top notch. I have said on a few occasions that my wife and I received VIP treatment. He valued and respected our time, and was thorough in explaining each step of the IVF process. I felt that we were closely monitored from retrieval through the embryo transfer, and made sure that we were an active participant in each decision along the way. It is with high regard that I recommend Dr. Riggs and his staff for fertility challenges.”

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“The best thing Dr. Riggs said to us on our first visit was, "If you want a baby, I'll give you a baby." We are currently 4 months along and only went through one IVF cycle. Dr Riggs is extremely knowledgeable with infertility and I believe does everything possible to make sure you get what you ultimately want....a child. I never felt like they were there just to make money off of us. We highly recommend Dr. Riggs!!!”

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“I have been recommending Dr. Riggs since I met him in May. In the scary world of infertility, he seems to ease the stresses of trying to conceive to with his knowledge, caring attitude, warm smile and proper treatment plans. His nurse, Michelle, has been our rock through our IVF cycle and has gone above and beyond to make sure everything was flawless. The girls in the office are so sweet and caring and understand your needs while going through during a tough time. These people have touched our lives forever and our family will always be grateful to Dr. Riggs and his staff.”

We offer some of the highest success rates in the country

Reasons to choose Blue Sky Fertility.

Blue Sky Fertility stands apart from others in several important areas, making us the right choice for your fertility care.

  • Our focus is you and your growing family. We understand that achieving pregnancy can be a sensitive and a stressful time — that is why we treat each patient on a personalized basis, making sure our patients don’t feel like a number. We truly listen to you, and actively use this information to compassionately explain all of your fertility options. You will receive a customized treatment plan, designed to meet your needs. We are with you from the start, to the finish, until we have realized your fertility goals.
    Our standard is simple - We commit to truly treat you like family.

  • Unmatched Technology, Skill, and Success Rates. Blue Sky Fertility is dedicated to making your dream of building a family into reality. With our knowledgeable staff, state of the art equipment and excellent outcomes, we can offer you the best chances at getting your family started in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Affordable, Honest Fertility Care. Our pricing structure is simple, understandable and highly affordable. At Blue Sky Fertility we refuse to compromise the quality of our care. We offer the best in technology, high quality testing and customized treatment plans priced thousands less than our competitors. Blue Sky believes that insurance and financing for quality infertility treatment should not be difficult or cost prohibitive. Whether you need ovulation induction or in-vitro fertilization (IVF), medications, procedures and other expenses shouldn’t spread your financial resources thin. While we take a wide range of insurances, we also offer out-of-pocket IVF programs created to give our patients without coverage the chance to starting a family.


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